I am a Teacher Advocate

My teacher advocate badge is now coming to a close, and I can’t help but reflect upon all that I learned. The issue I chose came very easily to me. In reading The Teacher Wars by Dana Goldstein, it was made very clear that gender has been an issue in the classroom since the very beginning. Women entering the educational field sparked great inspiration and awareness for women’s rights. Gender roles constructed by our society have undoubtedly pressed themselves upon education. Through the controversy of women educators, to gender bias which still exists in education today, we are seeing progress towards gender equality and understanding, but we’re not there yet.

In researching gender in the classroom, I have learned so much about hidden biases teachers accidentally place on their students. I have learned both about how girls are generally treated versus how boys are generally treated in the classroom, in ways which confine them to a stereotype that doesn’t respect their individual identity. Below is a link to a podcast of all I’ve learned. Enjoy!

Advocacy for Gender Equality in the Classroom



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